I'm Alexandre Pawlak, a European UX Designer. 9 years of passion and experience drove me to shape a wide array of products and websites for big companies, as well as startups. (Orange UK, Sephora, Deloitte, Air liquide...)

For the past 4 years, I have been working alongside 2 agencies: Attoma and actually for We Digital Garden.

I mostly consult in markets such as Health, e-Commerce and Industry. Other experiences acquainted me we Real-Estate, Telecom, Entertainment and I can therefore handle with confidence any upcoming opportunity.

As a designer I believe communication is key. As a professional it is capital to keep a clear stream of information either within the internal team or toward the client. This is, I believe, the key to an impactful and successful project.

Making things better is a matter of business value. In the beginning, we interview the stakeholders, carefully listen to their needs and pain-points, how they envision the project as well as what are their unnoticed blind spots.

Being proactive allows us to have a clear and transparent user-experience.

After setting-up user interviews, I start building primary and secondary personas and their journey. The prototype then makes it obvious for the solution to proceed and follow the journey.

I believe a good designer make the best solutions by questioning, listening and iterating the design choices. Everything is right when the path is clear.

As a designer I want to make people's life better, giving them a reason to love the product and business side, to increase the retention and the conversion rate of the solution I provide.

I sometimes talk at conferences like Euro IA or at UXcamp in Berlin. Please meet me there !


Email : alexpawlak (o) gmail.com

Phone number : 0(033) 6 24 94 64 83