Iot Platform

A B2B IoT platform crafted for developers to manage data sets of connected devices.

8 months - 2018
Role: UX lead designer Client: Orange
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The lead designer was leaving in short notice. I had to dive in a very technical environment and assimilate everything fast. Multiple pages were already designed, but we had to help continue create pages for new functions.

The sitemap of the orange IoT website.


  • Design (2 people)
  • Scrum organisation, with PO, BO, ...
  • 15 Front developers
  • 15 Back developers

Methodology and deliverables

Sprints were during 3 weeks each, the Tuesday morning, we would have a meeting with mostly the front developers, to talk about a few cases we worked in the previous week. Then in the afternoon, we would organise a workshop, with brainstorming or co-conception methodology in order to dive in a complex subject. On Thursday we would present some solutions from the subjects of Tuesday morning, and next Tuesday morning we would present the results of the previous workshop. Each sprint would last 3 weeks.

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