E-commerce website redesign for service vouchers and cards

1,5 year - 2019-2020

Gathering 15 different website in one, managing a dozen languages. A big project with more than 130 people among 5 teams.

Role : Ux designer & Lead UX
See case study

Navigation system

5 months - 2018

A system verifying the position, made for any vehicle in low light environment.

Role: UX designer Client: undisclosed See case study
navigation software screens
supervisor Ios app

Facility management

6 months - 2017

Helping facility managers take care of the building while moving around.

Role: Lead UX, UI design Client: undisclosed

Directory security compliance

8 months - 2018

A SaaS app crafted for security experts to help them get an overview of the security of their directory.

Role : Lead UX & UI design
supervisor Ios app

IoT platform

8 months - 2018

Enrich and unifiy a B2B platform made for developers to manage connected object fleets for big companies. A 50+ people project.

Role: Lead UX Client: Orange
See case study